Meet Dani Mondahl, a dedicated wellness practitioner located in beautiful Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. With a passion for holistic well-being, Dani offers a range of transformative services, including birth doula support, yoga, and rejuvenating Thai Yoga Massage. Please note that appointments with Dani are available by booking only.


Dani Mondahl is a compassionate and dedicated birth doula known for her unwavering support and expertise in helping expectant mothers navigate the beautiful journey of childbirth. With a warm and empathetic approach, Dani provides emotional, physical, and informational assistance throughout the labor and delivery process.


Dani is also an accomplished yoga teacher specialising in pregnancy and postnatal yoga. Dani’s classes offer a space where individuals can explore their practice, cultivate mindfulness, and find balance in their lives. Her teaching style blends traditional yoga principles with a modern, accessible approach, making yoga accessible and enjoyable for practitioners of all levels. 


For Dani, Thai Yoga Massage is a deeply personal journey of healing and connection. With each session she offers, she weaves together the wisdom of yoga postures, the gentle embrace of passive stretching, the soothing touch of acupressure, the revitalizing energy work, the nurturing power of massage, and the serenity of meditation.

What Dani's clients say

About Dani

Hi, I’m Danielle Mondahl or as my friends call me, ‘Dani’. I’m an experienced Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and Yoga Teacher practicing on the Sunshine Coast since 2011. I have a special interest in yoga and massage for pregnancy, and I have proudly taught pregnancy yoga to hundreds of women during this very special time of their lives. With clients travelling from as far as Brisbane and Noosa and everywhere between, my classes and massages are highly sought after. Students and clients describe me as warm and caring, I’ve created a beautiful community of new mums and mums to be as I prepare them for birth and the transition to motherhood. It is a great honour to support both women and men through the compassionate touch of Thai Yoga Massage. I look forward to meeting you.

I’m proud to be the only trainer in Australia providing specialty training in Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy. I love to share Thai Yoga Massage with people of all walks of life, not just prenatal and postnatal. Men and women are both welcome to book a Thai Yoga Massage by Dani and enjoy the benefits of this fabulous massage.