Thai Yoga Massage

The ancient healing art of traditional Thai massage originates from the physical therapies branch of Traditional Thai Medicine. Discovered by westerners in the 1970’s, the practice has been adapted and evolved into what is known as ‘Thai Yoga Massage’ to suit our western lifestyle.

A Thai Yoga Massage sequence utilizes yoga-like postures, passive stretching, acupressure, sen work, massage and meditation to assist clients in reducing tension, enhancing flexibility, experiencing deep relaxation and improving overall wellbeing.

Thai Yoga Massage is a professional service, (non-sexual).

Thai Yoga Massage is received fully clothed on a large supportive mat. There are no oils or lotions used for this style of massage. Techniques are performed on client’s hands, arms, shoulders, head, face, neck, back, feet, legs, glutes and abdomen. Suggested attire for receiving your massage are comfortable, stretchy yoga tights or baggy pants and a short or long sleeved t-shirt and clean cotton socks. During winter, the Thai Yoga Massage mat is heated for your comfort and blankets are provided. Before the massage begins, the practitioner will welcome you to the space and ask you to complete a registration and consent form. The techniques will be explained, duration of massage confirmed and a discussion regarding your state of health or injuries as well as your desired outcome and preferred pressure will ensure you are well-cared for during your massage and any customization of techniques will be included.

Wear comfortable stretchy clothes | Bring clean cotton socks | Switch your phone to silent before entering the massage room


$100 (for 60 minute massage)

$120 (for 90 minute massage)

$150 (for 120 minute massage)

$550 DEAL for 5×90 minute massage*

*valid for 6 months from purchase